Institute admission cell is open on all sundays and holidays (9 am to 5pm)


  1. Ragging is strictly banned. Any student trying to harass, mentally torture, physically discomfort or subject to any kind of cruelty is termed ragging and as per institute orders, strict action will be taken which may mean instant expulsion. All students are therefore fore-warned not to indulge with fresher in any manner.
  2. Institute rules do not permit carrying mobiles either on one’s person or in the bag/briefcase. The mobile will be confiscated and a fine of Rs. 5000/- will be imposed. No representation or excuse of any kind will be acceptable. Parents are also requested to note these orders.
  3. All students are expected to attend classes and for personal reasons upto 25% attendance can be condoned. In case of sickness further dispensation of 15% can be granted by Institute authority if a student is genuinely sick and hospitalized. Producing admission and discharge records in such cases is necessary.

There are Hostel rules which aim in bringing strong regimens and spartan way of life so that student grows into fine citizens of the country.


Drop Box: Director General maintains a Drop Box outside his office in all Institutes. Any student having any problem can drop a brief on the same but if he wants to narrate the problem in person then writing his name and other particulars are necessary.
This drop box is “many problems one solution” for first year student. They should feel absolutely free to see the DG for any help.

Wearing I-Cards:I-Cards are to be worn round the neck and this drill is compulsory. Any violation of these orders will mean attracting disciplinary action. Dress Code:
Like all reputed institutes, IIT and IIM, no dress code is prescribed but wearing JEANS, TIGHTS, CARGO PANT are strictly banned. Dress for attending classes:
Student must dress as young executives and take pride in themselves as dress is the first salesman of your personality.

Visiting hours to Boys Hostel:Only persons who have signed as parents or guardian at the time of registration/admission are permitted to visit the hostel or visit the Institute to check progress of their ward. NO BODY else will be entertained. Visiting hours to Girls Hostel:
These are restricted to 04:30 P.M. to 06:00 P.M. only.

Staying with their wards:This is NOT at all permitted but parents can approach the Institute authorities for accommodation in the Institute guest house on paying the prescribed charges but even in this case, the student will stay in their respective hostel room only.

Staying in Hostel: Students are NOT permitted to stay in the hostel room while classes are in progress. If they are unwell they are required to take permission from their respective wardens.Day scholars are NOT permitted to visit hostels at all.

Out and In Timings: These orders are displayed on Institute notice boards and also hostel notice boards and are different for girl students. Mess Timings and Dress: Students are advised to abide by all the rules and follow mess timings as per Institute timings (time displayed) by the clock in front of Administrative Block and synchronize their watches with the same. Going late and enter into any acrimonious discussions with mess staff is strictly prohibited.

Students are also expected to dress up like young executive while visiting the mess and chappals, shorts are NOT permitted. Mess staff can deny service to them.


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